Chief Pharmacy is located in a state of the art facility that meets Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) of Health Canada and compounding requirements of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Association. For example, all compounding areas are HEPA filtered and we produce our own USP purified water and USP water for injection.  Chief Pharmacy meets or exceeds USP 797 Guidelines (compounding guidelines) with Class 1000 clean rooms and Class 100 laminar flow hoods.  The environment is continually monitored for microbial and particle contamination.

All active pharmaceutical agents are purchased from reliable sources and are tested to meet USP,BP,EP and/or NF specifications with respect to purity, related and non-related impurities and physical characteristics (e.g. particle size, viscosity, specific gravity).  Chief Pharmacy has an ongoing stablility program with respect to active pharmaceutical agents and compounded products to ensure that an appropriate shelf life is provided to our customers.Our compounded prescriptions are all produced employing proven master procedures using actives and excipients of proven quality.  The compounded products include a batch number to ensure tractability.  Each step of the compounding procedure is supervised and checked by a licensed, certified compounding pharmacist.  Sterile products are filter sterilized (0.2micron filters) in a Class 100 environment or autoclaved using validated procedures.  Sterility is assessed in our finished products and raw materials using microbiological methods (USP<71>) and bacterial endotoxins (LPS) are evaluated using pyrogen testing (USP<85>).

Chief Pharmacy has a chemistry laboratory that performs analysis on the API's and compounded products.  Examples of our equipment include: High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Ion Chromatography (IC), gas chromatography (GC), UV/Visible Spectrophotography, polarography and Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotography (AA).  We also conduct physical measures with state of the art equipment for measuring viscosity, specific gravity, optical rotation and particle size.